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in crucial swing states, trying to win the support of &pundecided voters. voters.ppesidenttbarack obama is on a two day cammaign blitz accoss ssx battleerounn states. first stop.. a rally in iowa.. then on to colooado ... california... and a foomeergovernor mitttromney is caapaigning in nevada and iowa. pools show the candidates are neck and neck with some key swing stttes president obama. if halloween sales are any preeiction of who will win the presidentiaa election... there's a clear front runner: president obama.according to "spirit halloween"... masks of phe president's face are outsslling governor iit of 60-percenn to 40-perceet. correctly preeicted the ootcome of evvry presidential election... uuing mask sales... since the yyar 1996. & 3 another popular halloween &pcootume thissyear?... big bir. bird.the sesame street charaater has become so populaa... it's sold out in most places. places.costume stooes can &pthank governor mitt romney... if he ere ppesident. s show she strikes terror... inno the hearts of experienced iiterviewers. what's the matter with reality star honeyyb
... both candiiatee are back on the campaign trial toda. today.president obama and mitt romneeyare hitting the still undecided voters who e &pcould determine the election. presiient obama will meet up &pwith vice president joe bidenn ann his running mate paul ryan will campaign together in las vegas.last niiht... both candidates answered questions about foreign policy. your strategy previiusly has been one that haa been all ovvr the mmp and is not designed to keep americans opportunittes that exiit in the middle east. we''e talling to heep the middle east reject the kind of terrorism we're seeinggand the rising tide of turmolt and confusion. and attacking me issnot an agenda. attacking me is not talking about how we're going to deal with the challenges that exist in the middle east. pollss the race is alsootight e- pn several battleground ssates. according to the latest polls, president obaaa has a slight lead innohio. virginia is a dead heat.da and - the nationnl weather service thinking ahead to winter... and plan for theeworst. people die ffom expoouue to extreme cold... car acciient
obama gg head-to-hhaa in florida... for the last f three debates. the eccnomy is still the top &pissue for voters. bbt with troops ssill in afghanistan... unrrst in the middle east... and concern about iran's pocus could shift to foreign policy. meanwhhll... both candidates pre working hard to get the womens' vote... ii a serres of tosssup states. some national polls suggest obama's poogstanding edge with ffmale voters... is narrowing.the two hot button issues continue to be contraceptives and pay equaliiy. newwnummers show more women are finding their way back into the workforce. over the past 6-months... 330- thousand women have bben hired. that's nearly the same amount as men.,and accorring to a new report by "slate-dot-com"... finds that women make at least 800cents for every dollar thatt many pprentsssay their pre-teen boyssaae growing p too uickly.. and thht might pe supported bb a new study. accordinggto researccers... ptarting to hit uberty about six months to two yeers earlier than what medical pxperts say is standdrd. hhwever, boos don't seem tt be reaching sexuaa mat
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3